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Radiant Heat Floor

Radiant floor systems provide superior comfort, quiet operation and consistent, even heating.

The rising popularity and interest in comfort-focused, energy-efficient construction has never been greater. Caldera Construction proudly offers radiant floor heating and solar based systems to our clients.

No other heating system can come close to the high degree of comfort provided by a Radiant Floor System. Radian systems offer superior comfort, quiet operation and consistent, even temperature, regardless of the ceiling height. No more drafts, noisy fans and health issues from blowing dust and allergens.

Solar systems can provide Solar Electricity (photo-voltaic) or Solar Hot Water (thermal) for the home. Whether you’re looking to lower your monthly PG&E bill or to heat your domestic hot water, radiant floor, spa or pool, we offer both solar system designs.

Concerned about appearance? Solar panels can be either roof or ground mounted.

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    The summer has passed so quickly. Our wonderful new cabin at Twain Harte has never experienced such activity. All of our family, including all three of our sons...

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